The Office of Child Welfare & Attendance with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System serves as an advocate for children to ensure the success of students in school. To accomplish this, the Office of Child Welfare & Attendance will work closely with students, their parents/guardians and the school to facilitate enrollment and consistent attendance in the proper school setting.

The Office of Child Welfare & Attendance will conduct home visits to verify addresses of students so that they are enrolled in the proper school attendance zone. Parental contact will also be made when children have difficulty in school and students fail to meet attendance requirements. Community agencies will be contacted as needed to provide families with the necessary resources to overcome obstacles that prevent proper school attendance and adjustment.

The Office of Child Welfare & Attendance is also committed to working closely with the Truancy Assessment and Service Center as well as Juvenile Services to take parents to Truancy Court if needed to encourage regular school attendance. Regular school attendance ensures the child will have the greatest opportunity for success.

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Procedures for Accepting Parent Notes

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