The Purpose of Hospital/Homebound Program: 

Provide an alternative for the regular education student having a temporary medical illness that substantially limits one or more major life activities as it applies to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to enable the student to maintain their class work standards as agreed upon by the district school administration as outlined in the student’s Section 504 “Individualized Accommodation Plan” (IAP).|

Provide an alternative for Exceptional Students having a medical illness if the illness impacts their class work as agreed upon by the Individual Education Program (IEP) committee.

Before the decision to place a student homebound is made, the following strategies must be utilized by theschool and family:

After three consecutive missed days, the school must provide the parent/guardian with assignments for the student to complete and return them to the teacher upon completion.

Provide an alternative to traditional practices, enabling the student to maintain his/her class work by using interventions and accommodations:
  • Abbreviated class, and/or school day, and/or school week
  • Rearrangement or relocation of classroom for instruction
  • Alternative school setting such as Virtual School online courses
  • Utilize tutoring programs available in East Baton Rouge Parish



The Hospital/Homebound Program office is located in the Goodwood Administrative Center at 6550 Sevenoaks, Baton Rouge, LA  70806.  Phone: (225) 771-8878 and FAX: 929-8775.


EBRPSS, Hospital/Homebound Program, James Newman, Supervisor, PH (225) 929-8692 FAX (225) 929-8775

H/H Program Office: Goodwood Administrative Center, 6550 Sevenoaks, 70806.  Phone: (225) 771-8878 and FAX: 929-8775.0 Contact Us
When the School’s Last Recourse is Homebound Placement:


The SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION (Reg Ed) OR INDIVIDUAL EDUCATION PROGRAM (IEP) COMMITTEE (ESS) must determine the educational needs of the student, including:
Duration of homebound services utilizing physician recommendations as well as relevant documentation presented
Method of delivery of services needed to maintain academic standing while ill or incapacitated
Accommodations/Supports needed while receiving academic services in the hospital or homebound environment.


*Note: The school 504 Coordinator must complete an IAP for each regular education student enrolled in homebound who does not already have an IAP in effect. Without this IAP, individual testing accommodations (eg. home testing) are not an option for testing. The 504 Coordinator must indicate on the Homebound Application Form 3 which state/district test(s) the student will be taking during the period of Homebound Instruction.


Revised Section 1103 for Compulsory Attendance


Reference: Bulletin 741 – Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators Chapter 11. Student Services §1103 Compulsory Attendance


A student who is enrolled in regular education or special education and who, as a result of health care treatment, physical illness, accident, or the treatment thereof, is temporarily unable to attend school, shall be provided instructional services in the home or hospital environment. (Homebound Instruction)


Homebound instruction shall be provided by a properly certified teacher once all required forms have been completed and signed by the school principal and the Homebound Supervisor.


If the regular education student has not previously been identified as a student with a disability that already has an IAP in effect, then an IAP must be completed to show Individual Testing in the case that any state/district test needs to be administered to the student at home.


Homebound instruction, at a minimum, shall be provided in the core academic subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.


Consideration shall be given to the individual need for services beyond the core academic subjects for students with disabilities.


Homebound services may be provided via a consultative model (properly certified regular or special education teacher when appropriate, consults with the homebound teacher delivering instruction) for students needing such services less than 20 days during a school year.




Homebound sessions shall be provided:
During school hours as determined by the homebound student enrollment count
Through any/all technological means available to the student
Homebound forms for parents/guardian and school shall be accessed from the HH Forms link on this website.


Application Procedure


A student’s home school counselor or home school designated contact person is responsible for initiating the homebound application process as well as assisting in the communication process between classroom and homebound teacher, facilitating an orderly transition from school to home and back to school. The parent(s) obtain the appropriate application requiring a physician’s signed statement and his treatment plan: HH Application Form 1A, pages 1 & 2 from the counselor.


When the parent obtains the initial applications, they also receive a set of homebound rules to read and sign. The signed rules become part of the homebound application packet.


HH Parent/Student Rules Form 1B


Parents return these completed forms to the school counselor. The school administration will then determine what action should be taken and if homebound instruction is deemed necessary, the school will complete the following forms with recommendation(s). The more complete the information the school has on the student, the better informed decision can be made concerning the need for homebound services.


** If the regular or exceptional student’s education can be continued on campus with accommodations, the school will notify the parent in a timely manner.


** However, if the school decides that the school setting is not appropriate, they do the following:


Regular Students:


Complete the following forms:
HH Intake Form 2, HH Form 3, and IAP


HH Application Forms 2 & 3
The counselor will contact the school test coordinator to find out which state/district tests the student will take during the period of homebound instruction and indicate which tests on HH Form 3. After all student information is completed, the counselor will submit all HH Applications (Form 1A, 1B, Form 2 and Form 3) and submit them along with the IAP to the Homebound Office.


Exceptional Students:


Given the new medical or other pertinent information, the Pupil Appraisal Department will be notified immediately to conduct a Multidisciplinary Evaluation to lend evidence of a need for “change of placement.” (Student’s whose IEP placement is already Hospital/Homebound at the beginning of the school year will require only HH application Forms 1A, 2 and 3 to obtain verification of continued need for homebound placement from a qualified physician.)
At the Evaluation meeting, the IEP committee will reconvene to indicate the change of placement, if the committee agrees that Hospital/Homebound or some other placement is warranted. Contact the Homebound Program Office for recommendations for appropriate homebound instruction times and accommodations for the placement to be made at that time respective to the medical condition of the student.


HH Application Form 2 & 3
The counselor will contact the school test coordinator to find out which state/district tests the student will take during the period of homebound instruction and indicate which tests on HH Form 3. After all student information is completed, the counselor will submit all HH Applications (Form 1A, 1B, Form 2 and Form 3) with any Re-evaluation documentation and new IEP that states Homebound as the LRE/Placement.
The school counselor will also attach the student’s current ESchoolPlus class schedule.

After the school completes the application procedures for obtaining homebound instruction using these approved directives, the homebound office will provide the following information to the school counselor’s office in a timely manner:

Copy of the approved homebound application indicating:
Approved homebound duration
Name of assigned Hospital/Homebound teacher
Approval signature of Hospital/Homebound administrator
A copy of the student’s grades at each reporting period

Verification of extension of services, when applicable

EBRPSS, Hospital/Homebound Program
James Newman, Supervisor
PH (225) 929-8692 FAX (225) 929-8775