What is the Hospital/Homebound instructional program?

Hospital/Homebound is an instructional program provided to regular or special education students who are unable to attend school because of a medical condition. Students receive instruction in the hospital or home environment to help them keep up with their coursework while absent from school for a qualifying medical illness.

Are Homebound and Homestudy the same instructional program?

No. homebound services are provided in the hospital or home environment by teachers assigned through the local education agency. Homestudy students, also referred to as “homeschool students,” receive instruction from their parents in the home environment.

Who is eligible?

Public school students certified by their attending physician as having a medical condition that requires the student to be away from school for a period longer than then (10) consecutive school days are eligible.

Where do parents apply?

Parents may apply at the student’s school or at the local school board office.

Who will teach my child?

Students should be taught by a properly certified teacher assigned by the local education agency, especially if services will be needed for a period longer than twenty (20) school days. Services may be provided via a consultative model (properly certified regular or special education teacher consults with the homebound teacher delivering instruction) for students needing such services for less than twenty (20) schools days during a school year.

Can my child receive instruction in classes beyond English, Math, Science, and Social Studies?

Considerations shall be given to the individual need for services beyond the core academic subjects for students with disabilities.

How can I get technical assistance?

From the State of Louisiana:                                                                   From the District Central Office:
Louisiana Department of Education                                                     Jimmy Newman, EBRPSS ESS Supervisor
Division of NCLB & IDEA Support                                                        Email: jnewman1@ebr-old.clw0c62z-liquidwebsites.com
Toll free: 1-877-453-2721                                                                         Office: (225)929-8692 Fax: (225)929-8775

*Extracted from LDOE site: www.louisianabelieves.com