Upon receipt of HH Application paperwork from the student’s home school counselor, the Hospital/Homebound Program supervisor will assign a homebound teacher for that student. The student’s parent or legal guardian will be contacted to schedule homebound sessions. Keep in mind, the homebound teacher could have as many as ten or eleven other students on their roll, so scheduling can be challenging as the twelve hospital/homebound teachers follow regular school hours.


Assurance of the effectiveness of the program will be accomplished by:

  1. On-site observations and evaluation by the homebound supervisor
  2. Weekly instructional schedules submitted to the homebound supervisor
  3. Copies of grades submitted within one week of the ending date
  4. Telephone contacts by the supervisor to the schools
  5. Telephone contacts by the supervisor to the parents
  6. Conferences between the homebound teacher and the supervisor
  7. In-service meetings
  8. HH Attendance Accountability Form
  9. Providing parent with the Return to School After Medical Absence Form and Exit Form.
Books and Supplies
It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to pick up their child’s textbooks from their home school. Supplies (pencils, pens, paper, etc.) are also the responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian. Students should be dressed for their homebound lessons just as they would if they were attending on their school campus. The environment at the home should be made as educationally conducive as possible with all music and televisions turned off during the student’s important one-on-one lesson. (See Homebound Parent/Student Rules HH Form 1B)


The Hospital/Homebound (HH) teacher will attempt to maintain the student’s standing in class, so that after returning to school, he/she will not be at a disadvantage. Therefore, it is essential that the HH teacher have access to teacher assignments, study guides, student workbooks, lecture notes, and evaluation instruments all designed from the Common Core State Standards for core subjects, and Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum for other courses. In order to maximize instructional time with students, the HH teacher will visit the school to pick up assignments/materials only periodically.


School Contact Designee
Each school is expected to designate a contact person to assist in implementing necessary communication between classroom teachers and homebound teachers, thus insuring an orderly transition from school to home and back to school. The school counselor or AP usually serves as the designee.


Hospital/Homebound Progress Reports
At least one day prior to the end of each reporting period and upon termination of services, the homebound teacher will submit a grade in each subject area for the period of homebound instruction. The school will accept grades as submitted and average them with grades earned before and/or after the homebound period to determine the official grades for the student’s report card and enter the grade in the computer. The Exceptional Student’s progress report, which addresses the level of achievement on the student’s IEP goals and/or objectives, will be turned in at the designated time indicated on the Exceptional student’s IEP.


Supplemental Materials
Supplemental materials of instruction and supplies will be provided to the homebound teacher by one or more of the following.
  1. The homebound student’s classroom teachers
  2. Individual school libraries
  3. Homebound teachers/Homebound Office/Resource Room
  4. East Baton Rouge Parish Library
  5. Louisiana State Library
  6. The Internet
  7. The LRCE


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