Army Junior ROTC is an elective program currently offered in eight (8) East Baton Rouge Parish School System High Schools.

Uniforms and textbooks are furnished at no expense to the student. There is no obligation to enter military service.

Postgraduate surveys reveal JROTC student intentions:

  • 37.2 percent are college bound
  • 7.7 percent are vocational/technical bound
  • 32 percent plan to enlist in the Armed Services
  • 1.7 percent plan to attend service academies
  • 8 percent plan to participate in the Senior ROTC College Course
  • 4 percent accept ROTC Scholarships

Program Mission:
The focus of the JROTC program is reflected in its mission statement: “To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens”.

The stated purpose of the program is: To Instill in Students the Values of Citizenship, Service to the Community, Personal Responsibility, and a Sense of Accomplishment.

Program Objectives:
The objectives of the JROTC program are to develop leadership, self-reliance, responsiveness to authority, physical fitness, and attributes related to good citizenship and patriotism.

Program Goal:
The main goal of the program is to develop leaders and responsible citizens through a combination of academic and physical activities.

Each JROTC unit has its own appointed cadet officers and noncommissioned officers to provide student leadership roles and give a military structure to all activities. Cadets learn to work together for the common good while developing self-discipline and a sense of responsibility.

Program Overview:
East Baton Rouge Parish covers 450 square miles encompassing rural, suburban, and urban community settings. The school system is the largest school district in the state. There are eighteen High Schools (Grades 9-12) of which ten offer Junior ROTC as an elective course.Louisiana map of parishes.

Junior ROTC parish enrollment is approximately 1500 cadets. Army Certified JROTC Instructors, a Director of Army Instruction (DAI), a Operations Non-Commissioned Officer (OPNS NCO) and a Military Property Specialist (MPS) are employed by the U. S. Army and school system to teach and administer the program. Instructor professional growth is attained through attendance at a 5 day JROTC Instructor Residential Course, Distance Learning Courses, and JROTC Conference/Workshops. JROTC enjoys excellent support from both the East Baton Rouge School System and Baton Rouge community.

A JROTC/SR.ROTC Affiliation Program has been established with both Louisiana State University and Southern University Senior ROTC Programs to provide additional support to Baton Rouge JROTC units. All JROTC units participate in local, state, and regional competitions as well as annual field trips, and summer encampments.

Program Evaluations:
JROTC Units are evaluated annually by the U.S. Army to determine if schools, instructors, and students meet and maintain minimum program standards. The true measure of success however is the young people it motivates to stay in school, stay away from drugs, and graduate.

Scholarships & Academies:
ROTC scholarships cover most tuition and on-campus expenses; textbooks, supplies and equipment. Scholarships also provide an allowance of up to $1,500 each school year that the scholarship is in effect (does not preclude a student from holding other scholarships).

Assistance is also provided to those students wishing to apply to all military service schools; West Point, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Naval academies.