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Our goal in the purchasing department of the Child Nutrition Program is to purchase quality food and supply items at the best value possible, for the children as well as all customers of the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. We strive to plan nutritious, appetizing and affordable meals meeting all state and federal guidelines to enhance the nutritional demands of students.


The United States Department of Agriculture supports the Child Nutrition Program by distributing food items to our school district. These foods are of high quality and help to eliminate surplus foods from the farming industry. Some of the food items that we receive are applesauce, peaches, rice, vegetable oil, turkey roast, frozen cut chicken, pork roast and cheese. There are other items that are received throughout the school year. All of the items are of the highest quality and are stored and delivered under strict sanitation regulations.


We follow the Traditional Food Based Menu Planning Option in East Baton Rouge Parish. All schools use a three-week cycle menu for lunch and a two week cycle menu for breakfast. All cafeterias operate using an “offer vs. serve” program, meaning the student can choose three or more of the five meal components offered. The meal components are determined by the USDA guidelines.


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Bid Awards

Item Description/Bid Number

Breads & Roll Class 1 / Bid Number: 100-16

Cereal Products,Dried Beans,Crackers, Cookies*Chips List 0 -Class  3/ sfs_bid_Class3 /Bid Number: 300-18

Fruits & Vegetables- Class  5 /sfs_bid_Class5/Bid Number: 500-18

Meat & Meat Products – Class 6 /sfs_bid_Class6  / Bid Number: 600-18

Poultry- Class 7/ sfs_bid_Class7 / Bid Number:  700-18

Frozen Fish -Class 8 /sfs_bid_Class8/ Bid Number: 800-18

Processed Foods, List 03-551 – Class 9 /sfs_bid_Class9/ Bid Number: 900-18

Specialty Foods – Class 10/sfs_bid_Class10 / Bid Number: 1000-18

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