All of our community’s students can succeed academically – but our schools must be staffed and led by our most talented minds and our most accomplished citizens. To this end, Teach Baton Rouge, an alternative certification program in EBR Parish, is calling on our community’s professionals and leaders to commit to teach full-time in our highest-need schools.


The experience, energy, and commitment of these professionals can help ensure that all of our students excel academically. In addition, these professionals form a powerful network of leaders that are working to improve public education.


Teach Baton Rouge provides rigorous and experiential training for program members, supports them throughout their first year of teaching, and assists them as they pursue alternative certification. When nearly one-third of our second graders read below grade level and one in four eighth graders fail to meet state standards, our community leaders must take action to ensure that all of our students receive a quality education.


Are you ready to make a difference?