How do I apply to the Teach Baton Rouge Program? Complete the online application and upload a resume that includes work experience, leadership roles, organization affiliations, and past education/training. A letter of intent addressing the questions why do you want to teach in EBR and how will your past experiences help you to achieve success in the classroom, a copy of your undergraduate and graduate transcripts, and passing  Praxis I and II scores. You will also need to upload an ACT/SAT score report if you are using an ACT score of 22 or higher or an SAT score of 1030 or higher to exempt you from Praxis I.


Do I need a college degree to apply for this program? In order to apply to the Teach Baton Rouge program, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. In addition, you must have an undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or above.


Am I eligible if I have no background in education? Yes. Candidates without an education background are eligible for the program and encouraged to apply. This program is specifically designed to draw people from diverse professional backgrounds into the teaching profession.


Do I need teaching experience? No previous teaching experience is required to become a program member. The Training Institute will provide many seminars, workshops, hands-on teaching experiences and guidance from experienced faculty to assist program members with skills necessary to be successful teachers.


Do I need a teaching certificate? It isn’t necessary for program members to possess a teaching certificate.


What qualities are you seeking in members for Teach Baton Rouge? Teach Baton Rouge is seeking our community’s most talented professionals and leaders that are dedicated to improving our public schools.We’re in search of candidates from all professional backgrounds and academic majors.