Your First Year as a Teach Baton Rouge Teacher


As a first year teacher, in addition to participating in district requirements for new teachers like the BEST(Beginning Educator’s Success Track), you will spend a great deal of time outside of school planning lessons, grading work, and developing new instructional strategies.


During your first year as a Teach Baton Rouge teacher, you will receive intensive professional support from The New Teacher Project (TNTP) Academy and Teach Baton Rouge to make your lesson planning and instructional choices as effective as possible. At the same time, however, the Practitioner Teacher Program requires a significant financial and time investment on your part.


In addition to fulfilling your regular teaching duties, you will be expected to attend many professional development events in order to fulfill TNTP Academy requirements, as well as pay a tuition fee. The expected costs and time commitments for your first year of teaching are outlined below.


Certification Costs
The tuition per participant for the TNTP Academy is approximately $4440.00. The tuition is paid via monthly bank drafts or in one installment due in mid-October.


TNTP Academy and Teach Baton Rouge Requirements
  1. Complete the Teach Baton Rouge Training Institute.
  2. Teach full-time at a partner school in a specified certification area.
  3. Complete all state and TNTP Academy program requirements, this includes:
    • Demonstration of the TNTP Essential Traits
    • Fulfillment of all content course requirements for your certification area
  4. Demonstrate Effectiveness based on student achievement data.
  5. Receive a positive principal evaluation.
  6. Program Director, Principal and ACE Observations.
  7. Pass the Praxis pedagogy exam (PLT)
  8. Pass the Teaching Reading exam and the Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Application Exam (if required for your certification area).
  9. Complete payment of TNTP Academy tuition.