East Baton Rouge Parish Discipline Centers

East Baton Rouge Parish Discipline Centers Registration: 7:00 am – 8:00 am Daily
Hours of Operation: 7:00 am – 1:30 pm Daily
To Parents/Guardians of Students Assigned to Discipline Centers:
Responsibilities and Guidelines

  1. You must register your child on the first day of the suspension and bring this letter along with the assignment form (AP1) with you to the Discipline Center to which your child is assigned.
  2.  You must make arrangements to drop off your child between 7:00 – 7:30 am each morning (all students must be seated by 7:30 am) and pick up your child promptly at 1:30 pm in accordance with the hours indicated above or risk denial of attendance for the remainder of the suspension.
  3. You must make sure your child follows the rules of the Discipline Center. Students may be dismissed from the Discipline Center for misbehavior or for not working on task and completing assignments.
  4. You must provide emergency phone numbers to the Discipline Center in the event we need to reach you for any reason.
  5. Students must wear their home school uniform to the Discipline Center.
  6. Elementary students must bring all school assignments and materials from the home school. Sufficient assignments for the duration of suspension while in the Discipline Center are required.
  7. Book bags and electronic devices of any kind are not allowed in any middle/high
  8. Discipline Center. Book bags are allowed in elementary Discipline Centers.
  9. If your child is absent for any reason while attending a Discipline Center, you must notify the Discipline Center to which your child is assigned.
  10. If the center to which your child is assigned is at capacity you may call the next closest center to you to enroll your child.

Parents and students please be aware that continual suspensions to the Discipline Center may result in an expulsion from school.

Discipline Center Office
2611 Dayton Street
Phone: 356-2586
Fax: 357-2213

Middle School Students Only
Bogan Walk Center
2550 Bogan Walk
Phone/Fax: 336-2029
Fax: 336-9988

Middle and High School
Students may attend Christa McAuliffe Center
12000 Goodwood Blvd.
Phone/Fax: 226-7942
Fax: 226-7670

High School Students Only
Rosenwald Center
2611 Dayton Drive
Phone: 356-1463
Fax: 357-2192
Elementary students attending a discipline center must report to the center listed below

Eden Park
Elementary Center
2550 Bogan Walk Drive
Phone: 336-2028
Fax: 336-9988