As we strive to improve student performance in the area of mathematics and prepare students for the increasing demands of state accountability, we are taking a very proactive approach. We have increased the academic rigor of our mathematics program.

Since the 2004-2005 school year, all seventh graders were required to take pre-algebra or introduction to algebraand all eighth graders took algebra. We are mindful of the fact that this was a transition year for our students; therefore the content and the evaluation of student achievement were reflected in this instructional shift.

We continue to provide staff development to upgrade the content knowledge of our teachers of mathematics. We are working hard to become a progressive learning community to improve student achievement.

The district leadership team and the school board recognized an area in our educational services that will improve students academically. Many of our students enter middle school without a complete set of academic skills necessary to be independent life long learners; consequently they fall behind their peers. This is not to say they can’t learn or that something is wrong with our children. It simply means that we must focus and dedicate time, human skill and resources to close the instructional skill gaps.

To close the skill gaps for our students who have fallen behind (over age students), the following schools will have a core knowledge program.

  1. Park Forest Middle School
  2. Westdale Middle School
  3. Broadmoor Middle School
  4. Southeast Middle School
Participation in the Core Knowledge Acceleration Program will greatly increase the probability for academic successfor our students. As much as we like to offer this opportunity to any student who wants and desires it, we only have a limited number of slots available. Contact your school for additional information.

If you have questions relative to school attendance, please feel free to call the appropriate middle school.

In closing, I would like to wish all of our middle school students the best school year ever. We look forward to seeing each of our students soon.

What Can Families Do to Encourage Middle School Students to Read?

The need for encouragement and support in reading does not end when children leave elementary school. Middle school age children need encouragement from parents and/or other family members to continue reading and improving their skills. Reading more leads to improvement in reading proficiency and greater proficiency leads to increased enjoyment of reading.

Make reading with or reading aloud to your children a fun part of your family’s day!

Even older children can enjoy a shared reading aloud of a good book. MORE TIPS


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