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What Can Families Do to Encourage Middle School Students to Read?

The need for encouragement and support in reading does not end when children leave elementary school. Middle school age children need encouragement from parents and/or other family members to continue reading and improving their skills. Reading more leads to improvement in reading proficiency and greater proficiency leads to increased enjoyment of reading.

Make reading with or reading aloud to your children a fun part of your family’s day!
Even older children can enjoy a shared reading aloud of a good book.
  • Ask your child to read something he/she enjoys to you or a brother or sister
  • Be a good role model. Let your child see you reading a newspaper, magazine, book or other materials, not just for information but also for enjoyment.
  • Talk about good books you have read, even read portions of one aloud –but avoid demanding your child read a book just because you liked it.
  • Take your child to the public library regularly, and encourage her/him to use their school library. Encourage your child to ask the librarian for recommendations if your child has trouble finding books to read.
  • Remember the primary purpose for children reading in the summer should be to read for pleasure! Refrain from asking too many fact-oriented specific questions, as this may turn your child against discussing any book with you. Instead, ask your child to describe or read a favorite part of the story, tell you about a favorite character, and listen to their comments on the book.
  • Read some recommended young adult books yourself. You might be surprised how well written and enjoyable many of them are!
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