Families will be notified of tuition responsibility based on a sliding scale.

Eligibility Guidelines


All parents must provide proof of income. 

  • Children in families with incomes at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible for free tuition and considered “at-risk”. 
  • Children in families with incomes above 185% of the Federal Poverty Level may pay tuition not to exceed $475 per month.
  • Foster children and homeless families are automatically eligible for publicly-funded seats.
  • Special needs and ELL children may be eligible to receive services but must still qualify to participate in publicly-funded programs.
  • Eligibility is based on gross HOUSEHOLD income.  Therefore, if there are 2 or more adults contributing to the financial needs of the family, all must provide proof of income.


Allowable Proof of Income

Parents must provide ONE of the following:

♦Check StubsSNAP/Food Stamps

♦An official letter from your employer stating all of the following:

Where parent/guardian is employed

Hourly rate of pay

The average number of hours parent/guardian works per week

♦Unemployment Benefits – must submit a Monetary Determination letter from the Workforce Commission

♦A statement from the Social Security Administration verifying that the child listed on the application is a recipient of SSI benefits, which must be accompanied by two current check stubs.

♦Current foster care placement agreement from DCFS

♦Parents who are homeless or unemployed must submit a letter of support and income documentation from support source.

♦Tax documentation is allowable only if no other form of income verification documentation exists.

You may contact the Pre-K office at (225) 226-7675 for more information.