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Last Updated August 2017. New List Coming Soon.


If you are unsure which department you need to reach, you can always contact us through our main line: 225-922-5400.

Debbie Breland | SecretaryMichael Dauzat | Assessment SpecialistSonya Kimbrell | Assessment Specialist
Elizabeth McElwee | Assessment SpecialistBobbie Reed | Accountability SpecialistLaurie Robertson | Secretary
Thaddeus Sam | Federal ProgramsCynthia Sampey | Director of Accountability 


Rochelle Eirick | Accounting Specialist
Linette Hankton | Accounting Specialist
Marie Ford | Accounting Specialist
Jennifer Lloyd | Accounting Specialist
Debra Ricard | Accounting Specialist
Edwia Richardson | Accounting Supervisor
Audit & School Accounts
Gayle Perkins | School Account Specialist
Laronica Ford | Internal Auditor
Veronica Pryor-Faciane | School Accounts Auditor
Lenesius Kinnon | School Accounts Auditor
Child Nutrition
Mary Carter | CNP Area Supervisor
Hartman, Emily
CNP Purchasing Coordinator/Area Supervisor
Mann, Nadine | Director of Operations. CNP
Muse, Yvonne | CNP Meal Benefits Coordinator
Walker, Martha | CNP Education Training Coordinator
Whitley, Charlene | CNP Executive Secretary
Wilkinson, Mary
CNP Area Supervisor
Facilities Management
Malveaux, Coey Environmental Specialist
Munson, Larry Administrative Director
Palmer, Peggy
Office Operations Manager
Boykins, Cassandra
Secretary to Chief Financial Officer
Lopez, Kelly
Chief Financial Officer
Tregre, Pati
Finance Specialist II
Holmes, Yolanda
Grants Specialist
Reed, Janice
Grants Specialist
Simpson, Nickie
Grants Fiscal Officer
Smith, Courtney
Grants Specialist
Thomas, Sheniki
Grants Specialist
Graphic Arts & Design
Brooks, Michael
Press/Reprographics Operator
Hope, Debbie
Press/Reprographics Operator
Maggio, Amy
Graphic Designer
Morrison-Stevenson, Daphane
Production Assistant
Simpson, Chad
Graphic Arts Supervisor
Walker, Donovan
Press/Reprographics Operator
Operations & Budget Management
Washington, Nakethia
Budget Coordinator
Browning, Julia
Administrative Secretary
Elliott, Libby
Budget Specialist
Crochet, James
Chief Business Operations Officer
Blue Sheild, Blue Cross
Employee Representative
Bradley, Sheila
Finance Specialist/Assistant Supervisor
Brumfield, Cathaline
Payroll Specialist II
Clements, Jordan
Payroll & Benefits Supervisor
Hogan, Andrea
Payroll Specialist II
Holmes, Nicole
Payroll Specialist II
Joseph, Tina
Benefits Specialist II
Pulliam, Bridget
Benefits Specialist I
Triplett, LaShaunda
Payroll Specialist II
Williams, Anita
Benefits Specialist II
Property Control
Crone, Mica
Supervisor of Property Control
Ducre’, Ashley
Property Control Specialist
Lamy, Mary
Property Control Specialist
Johnson, Eric
Technology Buyer
Bradford, Darla
Purchasing Specialist
Harper, Maleyka
Purchasing Specialist
Hilliard, Jessye
Purchasing Specialist
Piper, Karl
Coordinator of Purchasing
Richard, Wykeisha
Buyer I
Williams, Larry
Director of Purchasing & Warehouse Services
Dietrich, Darlene
Finance Specialist III
Hyland, Leecy
Supervisor of Retirement/Chief Accountant
Sanders, Karen
Finance Specialist
Risk Management
Davis, Andrew
Director of Risk Management
Lee, Jevaughdria
Risk Management Specialist
Stewart, Jocelyn
Risk Management Specialist I


Ronnie Pocorello – DirectorJean David – Budget SpecialistEvelyn Blanson – Program Manager
Monica Dunn – Work Based Learning Coordinator  


Mann, Nadine Administrative Director, Child Nutrition ProgramWhitley, Charlene Administrative Assistant 

Area Supervisor

Barnes, Felicia | Area Supervisor/Summer Feeding CoordinatorCarter, Mary | Area Supervisor/ Snack-Supper Program CoordinatorHartman, Emily  |Purchasing Area Supervisor/Purchasing Coordinator
Wilkinson, Mary | Area Supervisor  

Computer Lab

Campbell, Lorrie Computer Lab Tech SupportRovira, Claire Computer Lab 

Meal Benefits

Muse, Yvonne Meal Benefits CoordinatorWalker, Bridget Meal Benefits 

Office Support

Burrell, Lorita Computer Operator/ CNP WebmasterCooper, Malcom Appliance ForemanPerkins, Wanda Support Programmer
Wallace, Tim Applianceman  


Reynolds, Martha Personnel  

Purchasing & Commodity

Burnaman, Deborah PurchasingFloyd, ShenetteGrisby, Cecile Purchasing
Miller, Lynell PurchasingNewman, MariaNordan, Paige
Woodruff, Santana Meal Benefits/Purchasing  

Training Coordinator/ Training Manager

Griffin, Yvette Education Training Manager  


Veals, Alex CNP Warehouse Supervisor  


Taylor Gast | Chief of Communications & Public Relations



Dr. Quentina Timoll, Assistant SuperintendentDeborah Williams, Administrative Assistant
Aleshia Taylor, Math SupervisorMona Barnes, Curr Resource Coordinator
Dr. Kristen Antoine, Science Instructional SpecialistShana Watson, Social Studies Instructional Specialist
Lontarris Williams, Science Instructional SpecialistElizabeth Eldridge, Professional Development
Latrenda Knighten, Math Instructional SpecialistJohn Sims, Math Instructional Specialist
Blair Simpson, ELA Instructional SpecialistShelia Hannah, ELA Instructional Specialist
Ursula Square, Elementary Inst. SpecialistTamika Warner-White, Elementary Inst. Spec.
Louisa Hodges, Elementary Inst. SpecialistLetitia Signater, Elementary Inst. Specialist
Dr. Judith Burch, Literacy ProgramsAlvarez Hertzock, Data Specialist
Tiffany May , Science Instructional Specialist

Administrative Staff

Elizabeth Chapman
Director of Exceptional Student Services
Patrice Hudson
James Newman
Myra Jordan
Jacqueline Bottoms
Coordinator of Data Management
Kimberli S. Mason
Cordinator of Data Management


Executive Director

Shenoa T. Webb, M.Ed.
Executive Director of Early Childhood


Bernadette Joiner, M.Ed.
Professional Development Specialist/ Teacher Coach
Brigitte Beal
Teacher Coach
Tania T. Sparks, M.Ed.
Teacher Coach
Samantha Williams, M.Ed.
Title 1 Early Childhood Specialist/ SRCL Grant Manager
Lakesha Reese-Penn, M.Ed.
Early Childhood Data Coach
Esther Lewis Barthe’
Office Staff
Georgette Watkins
Office Staff
Tanecha Dunn
Early Childhood Budget Specialist
Leigh Griffin,Ph.D.
Early Childhood Network Project Manager
Michelle Davis
Instructional Specialist
Barbara Williams, M.Ed.
Instructional Support
Patience Travasos, M.Ed.
Pre-K Resource Coordinator
Darlene Brister
Executive Director for School Leadership
Jessica Brister
Executive Director for School Leadership
Courtney Edwards
Secretary to Executive Director
Regina Campbell
Secretary to Executive Directors
Joni Roberts
Executive Director for School Leadership
Laura Williams
Executive Director for School Leadership


Instructional Resource Center
1022 S. Foster Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Adam Melendez
Parent Liaison
Melissa McKenzie
Instructional Support Specialist
Antonia Acosta,
Coordinator of Title I
Parent and Family Engagement Support
Sarah Riggenbach
Parent Liaison
Interpretation and Translation Services


Sandra Bethley Horton, Ph.D.
Administrative Director of Federal Programs

School Support

Antonia Acosta
Coordinator of Title I
Dayvetta Ferchaud
Coordinator of Title I
Thaddeus Sam
Coordinator of Title I
Maricel Salvacion
Coordinator of Title I
Avis Sampson
Coordinator of Title I
Valerie Triggs
Coordinator of Title I
Lauren Brown
Schoolwide Program Monitor
Donielle Edwards
Schoolwide Program Monitor
Chassity Lewis
Schoolwide Program Monitor
Letitia Signater
Schoolwide Program Monitor

Program Support

Melissa McKenzie
Program Support
Adam Melendez
Program Support
Mina Posey
Program Support
Sarah Riggenbach
Program Support

Technical Support

Fabiola Huffman
Technical Support
Claude Jackson
Technical Support
Ilsia Perez
Technical Support
Michelle Rushing
Technical Support
Britanny Skuse
Technical Support


Babs Stapleton
Supervisor of Gifted and Talented Programs
Kay Monceaux
Gifted Curriculum Specialist
Harelda Wallace
Gifted Sites Advisor
Karen T. Murphy
Inger Baker
Gifted Assessment Team Specialist


Choctaw Admin Center, Room 29,
2875 Michelli Drive, BR, LA 70805

James Newman
Exceptional Student Services Supervisor
Linda Chesterfield
Lead Teacher

3000 N. Sherwood Forest Drive Bldg B & C
Baton Rouge, LA 70814

Math Supervisor K-12

Aleshia C. Taylor | Math Supervisor K-12
3000 N. Sherwood Forest Blvd. Suite A
Baton Rouge, LA 70814


Administrative Assistant and Secretary

Deborah Williams
Administrative Assistant
Carolyn Rushing
Secretary – Curriculum
Robbyn Wax
Director of Professional Development
Ellen Eldridge
Instructional Specialist


Foreign Language Coordinator

Christine Merchant
Foreign Language Coordinator


Instructional Specialists

Dayvetta Ferchaud
Instructional Specialist
Tirza Brazier
Instructional Specialist
Ursula Square
Instructional Specialist
Tamika Warner-White
Instructional Specialist
Dr. Judith Burch
Instructional Specialist
Nishawn Stovall
Instructional Specialist
Lontarris Williams
Instructional Specialist
Brandon Hebert
Instructional Specialist
Dana Primus
Instructional Specialist
Letitia Signater
Instructional Specialist


Daytime Dispatch Number: 225-226-7690

Vince Dileo
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
for School Safety and Security
DeWayne Wells
Supervisor for School Safety and Security


Demetris Blakes